VOLVO PENTA drive - full dive platform
Dingy ( inflatable) with Honda 20 motor

trailer included ( tandem) new tires and paint
complete tarp,windows with screens, ( full enclosure)

This boat has been kept inside, the photo of the hull is exactly as it appears today.
You can still see yourself in the finish anywhere on this boat, Used on Lake Michigan only.

Boat Bow Stickers Front Boat Front Side With Curtains Vg
Boat Rear With Dingy On And Up Boat Dingey Motor Side Oars Vg

See more photos:
boat address and ph from dealer
boat bow stickers front
boat dingey 1
boat dingey motor ors motor
boat dingey motor side oars vg
boat dingy hook ups good
boat distance tarp side
boat engine hoodopen vg
boat front side with curtains vg
boat front trailer back of pickup hitch
boat grill pk up gmc
boat hooks for dingy
boat hull awesome shine vvg
boat out drive prop close
boat pickup door open
boat pickup front boat in back ground vg
boat pickup front tire
boat pix of my reflection in paint vg
booat pix of my reflection in paint
boat rear dingey side pix vg
boat rear side rear no dingy
boat rear with dingy on and up
boat serial no
boat side pix w dingy excellent
boat tarp front windows inside
boat tarp inside 1
boat tarp windows 2
boat tarps dingy on ladder

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