Outside Wood Fired Boilers
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Page 1: Why an outside boiler?

our woodfired boiler No more dusting, clean heat. With the furnace/boiler outside, several things are better for you. Your present furnace uses a lot of air for combustion. To get this air, fresh air is drawn into the house., bringing in a lot of dust. The outside furnace/boiler is totally separate from the house air supply. The air in your house stays there and is not consistently being replaced with new air that is loaded with dirt. When your existing furnace uses air from your living space, new air is drawn in through every crack it can find. With it comes cold and dust. When it gets inside your home the air is still, so the dirt settles on things and the clean air goes in the burner and out the chimney. Your home actually becomes a filter for the furnace. With our outside wood boiler/furnace all the things associated with burning wood is kept separate from the living space. All the bark, dirt, bugs, smell, are away from the house. Humidity remains in the house because you now have a boiler/furnace. These boilers put moisture into the air instead of drying out your house, furniture and your skin.
our woodfired boiler
Our wood burning boilers are quiet. The noises from loading the boiler will not be heard in the house. When loading at odd hours, because your furnace is away from the house you donít have to quietly lay your wood in the fireplace. This furnace can be loaded without disturbing your wife, children or your in-laws. This furnace runs totally silent, especially if you have hot water baseboard heat. However, if you have a heat exchanger installed in your existing furnace then your furnace will use the blowers the same way it does now. It just doesnít kick on the fuel for the heat. It gets the heat from your boiler/furnace outside. The circulating pump will simply circulate water through the heat exchanger and your existing furnace will operate normally with your present thermostat.

These boilers/furnace are simple, and very efficient. They are capable of burning any kind of wood, soft or hard, pallets and scrap blocking, waste from any kind of production that are wood related.

We will build these to customer needs. We customized for very large shops to the small 350 gal for trailer and smaller applications. We customize them for monster tobacco barns also greenhouses and other large heating customers.

Our boilers/furnace works excellent and super efficient because of our special double bypass system. This system allows for the exhaust to pass through two sections of tubes that are full of water. It reclaims more of the heat from the exhaust than any other furnace.

Our boilers/furnace easy to install, usually done in one day. A concrete pad is nice but NOT necessary. We bury the pipes to the building to be heated. Then the heated water from the boiler/furnace is connected to , either the radiator type heat exchanger we install in your present hot air furnace. We utilize your present heating system!This is just like a extra air conditioning add on coil your present furnace doesnít know the difference. Then we connect the domestic hot water coil to your present hot water heater.

This boiler/furnace will generate all the hot water your family, including extra guests, can possible use. A very simple splice in the line and that task is done.

ďA wood customer has 3 little girls with him when I delivered a load several years ago. When he ordered another load about 6 years later I asked him how those little girls were. He corrected me by saying. " Those are not little girls anymore." I was thinking, " yeah, they are probably young women now". He then added. "They are fish!" I am confused so I say, "Fish!?" He says, "Yeah, they get in the shower for hours at a time. If I had to pay propane or electric to heat that much water, it would kill me!Ē Point is. You can not possibly use as much hot water as this boiler/furnace can generate.

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