General Information and Charges

Installations for telephone service where no previous service exists requiring a buried service line is $74.00.  This price includes a buried service line of 250 feet.  Buried service lines requiring more than the standard 250 buried line are charged $2.00 per foot in addition to the $74.00.  When service previously existed in the home the charge is $30.00 for reconnection.

*All fees listed below are subject to change and periodic adjustments

Buried Service Line Installation Fees

Initial Service Order $14.00
Line Connection Charge $16.00
Termination Charge $2.50
Premise Visit $50.00
*For each Company-installed inside wiring and jack add: $45.00

Local Service Monthly Charges Rates

One Party Residence – $23.00
One Party Business – $25.00

* Federal Universal Service Fee – $1.87

Based on County of Residence add appropriate 911 charges

*Mason County Operating – $2.09
*Mason County Technical 911 Fee –  $.55
*Lake County Technical Fee – $.55
*Newaygo County Operating Fee – $1.56
*Newaygo Technical Fee – $ .55
Statewide 911 Fee – $ .25

Monthly Service Charges.

Monthly service charges are billed one month in advance from the first of one month to the first of the next month.  Services connected mid-month are prorated from the date of installation and are billed in addition to the monthly in advance local service charges.   If you have Carr for long- distance, charges are billed one month in arrears.

Repair Services.

Our Company provides normal maintenance of telephone service to the outside of the house known as the demarcation point.  This demarcation point
is identified as a small grey box located on the outside of the customers home. If you request repair to your telephone service and the problem affecting service
is due to a customer product such as a telephone, wiring, security system, answering machine and the like, you will be charged a repair visit.  Customer is responsible for all customer owned items.  Customers who connect any wiring/items to the demarcation point that cause the line to be inoperative (out of service) will also be charged a repair call. You may refer to the Carr Telephone directory for trouble shooting procedures.

Office Hours.

Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.  The office is closed Saturday and Sunday and major holidays.  For your convenience there is a drop-box for payments located in front of the telephone office for after hour payments.  Carr also maintains a technical assistance service for help in troubleshooting. That number is 231-898-8324. For billing, general and payment questions please call our office during normal business hours at 231-898-2244.

Long Distance Carriers

Carr Telephone offers long-distance service for $0.12 a minute.  There is no monthly fee for this service. There are other long distance carriers to choose from who provide service into the Carr Exchange.  If you do not specify a carrier for your calls at the time of installation, your long distance service will be limited to the local calling area.  For long-distance carriers other than Carr Telephone require that you contact the specific carrier directly and set-up an account with them. These carriers will bill you separately from Carr Telephone monthly statements.


Our Company is a member of the MISS DIG ASSOCIATION.  Before excavating grounds either in your yard, on the roadway, or drives, please call MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 or at 811 and request a location ticket be issued locating underground buried telephone lines.  This is a FREE service.  State Law requires 72 working hours advance notification for Utility Company location of lines.

Prohibited Use of Telephone Service

By signing this application for service, you understand that it is illegal to falsify your caller ID (spoof) for fraudulent purposes when using your assigned phone number or other phone numbers assigned to Carr Telephone Company.  You further understand it is also illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing or illicit calls. By signing this application for service, you agree that, once service is activated, you will not use Carr Telephone’s voice Service to engage in autodialing, illegal spoofing, to originate robocall calls with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongly obtain anything of value from the recipient of the call nor use that results in excessive usage inconsistent with normal residential usage patterns. Violations of these terms of voice service use can result in suspension or termination of your voice telephone service.

Telephone Service Documentation

Tariff Information

Carr Telephone Tariff

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