High-speed DSL services are available starting at just $38.81, for Carr Telephone customers.

DSL Digital Subscriber Line/Broadband

Service Speed
$38.81/mo up to 4 Mbps download, up to 1 Mbps upload
$71.81/mo up to 12 Mbps download ,up to 2 Mbps upload
$101.81/mo up to 30 Mbps download , up to 5 Mbps upload
  • VDSL 2 modem is required for service
  • Basic Installation: $169.99; other fees may apply
  • $49.99 installation fee with video service
  • Wireless leasing available for $5/mo, OR subscriber provides their own wireless router
  • Service Calls = $75.00 plus any applicable material costs for each occurrence.